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Bluebell Montessori is Kerala based fastest growing pre-school chain in Montessori education. Bluebell Montessori is committed to implement Montessori educational system across India.

Montessori Method is the only existing scientific method of education in pre-school level based on the physiology and psychology of children; Montessori education way formed in 1907 by Dr. Maria Montessori, the first woman in Italy to become a physician. She conducted many scientific research and study on child development, and in her study she revealed the mystery behind the nature of the child and implemented the way for creating the child as an independent, responsible, self confident human. For these purpose she introduced some scientific material, popularly known as Montessori materials for doing purposeful activity for acquiring certain desired skills and experience. India is the one of the fastest developing country in the world in many aspects but in the case of education especially in pre-school level, the quality and development is not in the right direction. Quality education is the base of the development of every country and among the different levels of education,the pre-school level is the most important one. It is an established fact that children develop most of their skills in the years from birth to 6 years. These years are the most crucial; where extra care is needed to give the right environment and stimulator that will bring a positive outcome. Before the age of six years a child will learn more easily and efficiently than at any other time in his life. These scientifically revealed details show how important this age is and what kind of care and affection is needed for the child during this period. If we analyze the existing approach towards the children in India we can find it is not only very poor and unscientific but also very dangerous.

Even through Kerala has the highest literate rate, the method of teaching the children are not at all different from any other part of India. It is clear that the traditional way of education is unscientific and very improper for the child’s development but unfortunately 95 percent of pre-schools in Kerala are following the traditional method of education. Many studies and research have been conducted under the Govt. and other NGO level but the changes take place only in school and University. There is no recognized and unique system of education for pre-school and every institution approaches the children by their own ideas and concepts. In Kerala we can find many Montessori schools not working on the basis of true Montessori concept. A true Montessori classroom needs much more effort, scientifically prepared environment with Montessori material and well trained teachers who have deep knowledge about Montessori concept.

Here is the importance of Bluebell Montessori School committed to implement the Montessori ways and method of education in the right spirit and sense. With the collaborations of many national and international Montessori organizations like AMI, Navadisha Montessori Institute and Neinhuis, the international standards will be met.

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