Blue Bell Montessori Pre School

Bluebell Montessori is Kerala based fastest growing pre-school chain in Montessori education. We are committed to implement Montessori educational system across India. Montessori Method is the only existing scientific method of education in pre-school level based on the physiology and psychology of children; Montessori education way was launched in 1907 by Dr. Maria Montessori, the first woman in Italy to become a physician. She conducted many scientific research and study on child development, and in her study she revealed the mystery behind the nature of the child and implemented the way for creating the child as an independent, responsible, self confident human. For these purpose she introduced some scientific material, popularly known us Montessori materials designed for acquiring certain desired skills and experience in life.

During 1920′s Nienhuis collaborated with Dr Maria Montessori for the purpose of constructing materials in accordance with her educational philosophy. We Bluebell, represents  Nienhuis( in India, the world renowned Montessori material brand. We are partnering with Navadisha Montessori Institute (affiliated with AMI ) for delivering certified quality teachers for our schools.

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