Fee Policy

The School team determines the financial policies including the annual budgets and fees. They are consistent with, and seek to reinforce the commitment to the full programme that parents make when their child enter school.

The school finances are administered by the Finance department .They deal with the day-today responsibilities including banking, invoicing, salaries and correspondence. A Registered Company Auditor audits the school accounts annually


To enrol a child at the School payment of the application fee must be made .This is non refundable.


If the child is offered a place at the school a non refundable Admission fee must be paid to confirm the place and begin enrolment proceedings


School Tuition fees are set to cover the day-to-day running costs of the school . Parents can pay fee in two installments on/before dates scheduled dates in the calendar..

Families with a second child receive a discount on Admission fee .

Late payment will be liable to a fine of Rs 100

If the Fee is not paid for a period of 60 days , the child will lose his position in the class and can come after the dues are cleared.

If a family is having difficulty paying please speak to the Centre ManagerĀ in order to make alternative arrangements for payment. The responsibility is on the parents to negotiate a system of progress payments before this date in order to avoid the increased fee

Refund Policy

No pre-paid tuition shall be refunded if the withdrawal occurs after May1

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