FAQ about Admissions

FAQ about Admissions
1.How can I enrol my child in Bluebell?

We encourage you to contact us in and schedule an appointment with the head office .

2. What is the best age to Enrol my child?

We recommend that your child enter the Montessori environment at 14 months in the Infant group. It is best to start children at such a young age for them to have the full benefits of functional independence and choice making.

3. What is the teacher –Child ratio ?

Infancy :-1 adult to 10 children with one assistant

Primary: -2 adults to 35 children with one assistant

Our elementary program is currently in its second year of growing up into a mixed age environment. Currently it is staffed by a lead teacher and an assistant teacher.

4. Do you have vacation classes?

No the program runs for 10 months a year.

5. Do you have holidays?

Bluebell follows all public holidays in the State govt regulation.

6. Do you provide Day care?

Bluebell do not provide day care options, however to support working families children can stay in school till 3.30 pm .There will be no day care facility in holidays.

7. Does the school provide snack/Lunch in school?

” No ”. children are requested to bring in their own snack and Lunch.

8. Do the children have uniforms?

Children do not have uniforms in Bluebell. However guidelines on the dress code will be provided in the Student Hand book.

9. How do I know my child’s progress ?

Unlike traditional preschool programs, Montessori programs do not issue daily or weekly reports about a child’s activities. There will be 2-3 Parent conferences in which detailed report of the child will be issued.

10. Can I observe my child working in the Environment?

The best way for parents to understand their child’s school experience is to observe classroom when they are in action Parents are invited for observation of classroom after the first term of the year. Teachers give appointments to parents on the basis of requirements. Strict guidelines will be provided to parents before observation of classroom.

11. How do I get Involved in My child’s School life ?

Participation in schools voluntary activities, attending Parent Educations conducted in the school helps you relate more to your child’s life in school.

12. Do the school provide Transportation.

Bluebell provides transportation to children in specific routes .Please contact the school for more details .



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