1.Admissions: Our primary goal in the recruitment and admissions process is to help each family determine whether our school is the perfect match with their values and goals, and the school setting that will work best for their individual child.

2. When we admit a new student, we are not simply bringing him or her into the school community. We are bringing the child, his or her parents, siblings, and extended family into the mix.

3. In making admissions decision, we will weigh many factors, placing the greatest emphasis on whether the parents are deeply committed to sending their children to our school, hopefully for the long run and hopefully for the right reasons, and whether their values and goals for their children as education are a close match with those of our school.

4. In making admissions decision, we will normally give strong preference to families who we believe are committed to keeping their children in the school at least through the elementary years.

5. A Montessori student can never be replaced. Our secondary goal in the process of admissions and recruitment is to find families for whom the school will be a perfect match. We are seeking families who share common values and goals with the school, and who, after careful consideration and exploration, have concluded that our school is something that they want very much for their children, for the right reasons.

6. Hopefully the children whom we admit in the early years will graduate from our school. Ideally, it will be so much a part of each family’s life that eventually the children of our graduates will attend our school as well. We want to be a family tradition.

7. In the admissions process, we consciously treat parents with respect as partners in exploring whether or not we would be the perfect match for their child. We do not use gimmicks, such as the hint that spaces are filling up fast.

8. We will not try to convince prospective parents that our school is right for them and for their child. Instead we will tell the truth, help them to grasp the true nature of the school and what it has to offer, and allow them to weigh all the factors out as they consider whether our school is indeed the right match for them and their child.

9. We will welcome prospective parents with open arms and make it as easy as we can for them to learn what our school is really all about.

10. We will hold open houses at least once a month and gladly schedule individual tours during school hours if for some reason the normal open house time is inconvenient.

11. We will arrange frequent and convenient times when prospective parents can observe in our classrooms.

12. We will spend as much time with prospective parents as possible in order to answer their questions, address their concerns, and assist them in determining whether it feels to them as if our school would be a good match for their child.

13. Our school does not discriminate in matters of admission on the basis of race, creed, religion, national or ethnic background origin. We consciously teach children to celebrate the rich cultural diversity of the global community. We regard a mix of backgrounds and abilities as a positive and important element in our community.

14. We pledge to represent our school truthfully and accurately to the general public and internally to our parent community.

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