Admission Process

1. Enquiry( Telephone/walk in)

The first contact is often through phone or direct walk in .Parents are invited to visit the Head office located in Chembukkavu  for the basic information on appointment through phone. A brief Introduction is provided on the curriculum, rules of the school . An appointment will be provided for the tour of the school .

2. Visit/ Observations

Observation appointments are thus scheduled for parents and the teachers are intimated in advance .Teachers take the parents around the environment explaining the line various areas of environment .Parents clarify their doubts and queries with the teacher after the visit.

Appointments are made to observe the morning classroom work cycle. We believe it is significantly important that each parent understands the Montessori philosophy to determine if our program is a good match for their child. There is no better way to do this than observing a class in session. There will be certain guidelines to follow while observation which will be instructed to you before the observation starts .

3. Issue of Application form

Once both the steps have provided ample opportunities for parents to learn more about the school, an application form is issued upon a non refundable fee.

Parents should submit the application form along with the Non refundable Admission fee within one week of issue .

4. Visit with child

After receiving the application form, we contact parents to set up a time for their child to visit a classroom. This visit takes place in the afternoon .It is simply a time for the child to meet a teacher and do a few early activities with them and to get acquainted with the environment

5. Other forms.

Parents are requested to submit the following forms before the child starting school

  • 3 photographs of the child
  • Birth Certificate copy
  • Vaccination Card copy
  • Medication form
  • Emergency form

6. Letter of Confirmation

On submission of the forms a letter of Confirmation will be issued indicating the Parent Orientation date and the joining date of the child. Parent handbook will be provided to parents once all the paperwork is completed.

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