Wood off-cut construction blocks.

Have you seen them?  Those big construction blocks the nurseries and pre-schools have.  Aren’t they fantastic. I’d The children would just love a set of them, but have you seen the price!  They are way beyond my budget and then I’d have to find a place to store them, that’s assuming I could get them past my husband with his timely reminder that ‘you are actually supposed to be making money you know’. Still I haven’t given up on them just yet :-


In the mean time we do have our wood off-cut construction blocks.  My husband can’t moan about these, they were free! (love that word).  You can pick them up in the skips at builders merchants.  They are usually happy to give them away free as you are saving them the cost of disposing of them.


 We’ve collected a variety of shapes, sizes and colours.  I must admit ours had gotten pushed to the back of our outdoor resources and hadn’t been out for a while (cue to have a tidy-up and re-arrangement of outdoor resources).


I piled them on the decking and it wasn’t looked before interested little people came over to have a look.


They didn’t need much convincing to get building!


 In-fact I was surprised by just how much they enjoyed this activity.  Indoors, when playing with the wooden blocks their main focus is to knock down the towers I build, but here they wanted to build for themselves.  Maybe its because these wooden off-cuts are much bigger and easier to grasp and balance.


There was lots of experimenting from J, exploring the different ways of stacking the blocks.


 He seemed to discover how to stack them to build tall towers quickly.


Our tall towers indoors take a lot of work and are never really tall, whereas outside, wow, we can make them taller than ourselves (well the children anyway).


J also experimented with building horizontally.  Again something else that I am finding it near-on impossible to get him to do inside.
My dad has just given me a lovely set of sanded wooden off-cuts for indoors made with slightly smaller pieces so expect a post about them soon!

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