Water colours

Today we’ve been busy mixing and creating colours!
I provided the children with an assortment of clear containers filled with water.  It was important for the containers to be clear so the children would be able to see the colours they were mixing and creating.
I also provided food colouring and pippettes.
The children chose the colours they wanted to use and added them to the water.
Mixing in the colours and watching the water change colour.
After the children had added colour to all but one of the containers, they began combining colours to create new ones.
Blue and yellow makes green.  Sometimes they experimented with the colours they could make when they combined colours and at other times, they decided the colour they wanted to make and made predictions about the colours they needed to use.  Sometimes their predictions were right  and at other times they needed to do a bit of experimenting!
Even my 14 year old daughter couldn’t resist!!
Using containers as well as pippettes to combine colours.
They noticed that they could create patterns in the water.  J told me she made this pattern by adding the food colouring in a circular motion!
(obviously these weren’t her words – she demonstrated to me!)
Watching how the colour dispersed down the tube.
It was the pattern making with the food colouring that really caught the children’s attention.
Making a face!
They discovered they could create some interesting effects if they held the pippettes under the water before releasing the food colouring.
Not wanting the really little ones to miss out, I gave them water to explore on the highchair tray.
I left the trays of water out for the younger children to explore when they woke from their naps.
They compared the containers….
…scooped and poured the water.
Added their own resources to the table.
And had great fun splashing!

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