Water Blob!

I’ve seen water blobs ALOT on the internet lately and they looked too much fun not to give them a try!
I wasn’t entirely confident about how successful ours was going to be though.  The only plastic sheet I could find in the shops was a plastic dust sheet.  This was quite a thin plastic and I didn’t hold out much hope that it would withstand the  children’s explorations, but I went ahead and taped it up anyway.
To create a blob you basically need a large sheet of plastic that you fold in half and tape up all the sides with strong tape so that you can fill it with water.  Oh yes, don’t get overly carried away with taping up that you actually forget to leave an opening to fill with water like I did!
I didn’t fill our with too much water as I didn’t think the plastic would withstand the weight of the water.
They were quite cautious at first…..but that didn’t last long.
They spend a good 10 minutes just walking backwards and forwards over the plastic….
…and then set themselves the challenge of running across!
Our garden is on a slight slope and we faced a bit of a fight to get our water blog to stay still as it kept rolling away down the garden!
The little ones didn’t let that stop their explorations though.
Taking a closer look.
 I added a rubber mat to try to keep our blob from escaping!
 The children then added a doll…..
 and a truck! Each continuing their exploration in their own way.
L noticed her shadow on the mat and even knew that it was her, saying ‘its L****’!
The plastic did prove to be a bit too thin, the children could poke holes in it with their fingers!  Initially I taped these up, but once they older children got back from swimming it only lasted about an hour!

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