Tube Painting / Play

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I thought the other week that it might be good to give the children a 3 dimensional painting experience as alot the the painting we do is two dimensional.  I decided on tubes, I suppose, because I perceived it would encourage stretching, bending and twisting as the children painted and, if they were positioned quite close together would require the children to be aware of their whole body and those of others as they painted.  Oh and they were free, always a bonus!

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So I set the tubes up, sticking them with tape to a cardboard base, to give them stability as the children painted.

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I quickly realised that it was going to take alot of paint to paint these tubes, so decided to lengthen the paint with water and flour.

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As the tubes were quite large it gave the children the opportunity to experiment with real paintbrushes and rollers.

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Initially they each assigned themselves a tube and worked individually on their own tube.

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Looking fantastic!

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Lots of stretching here!
I hadn’t really planned past painting the tubes, but once the children had lost interest, it seemed a shame to just throw them away (and I could picture my husbands face when he realised the re-cycling bin was full of tubes!) and I kinda thought the parents wouldn’t be keen on taking them home:)1 214

I thought maybe we could use them in our play.  I lined the tubes up and modelled how to ride the scooters in and out (yes I got to play too!)

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They thought this was brilliant.  We experimented with moving the tubes closer together and further apart.

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The children had to be very careful to avoid each other.

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We also experimented with arranging the tubes in different ways.

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And when the novelty wore off, we tried the good old favourite skittles – football style!

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This was a hit too! (or should that be a strike:))

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Poking your tongue out when you kick is optional!

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Trying to work out who was winning and practising our counting skills.

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