Thanksgiving Nature Centerpiece


We added some personal touch to the Thanksgiving table this year with a fun centerpiece craft. We embraced the great outdoors and brought nature into our home this fall–just what our kids love to do!


Go outside and collect some pretty sticks. We looked for ones that had interesting texture and color, which required some serious exploring. This is my favorite part of any craft: going outside and finding ways to turn nature into beautiful art projects.

Hold a stick up to the glass jar and break it so that the stick is about the same length as the cup. (You can also leave in some long sticks, if you’d like.)



Break all the stick so they are about the same length. This was a great activity for our three-year-old. It taught her about sizes and comparing objects.


Once all the sticks are about the same length, cut a piece of felt long enough to wrap around the entire jar. (Younger kids may want some grownup assistance with this step.) 


Once all the sticks are the same length, put glue on the piece of felt and lay the sticks on the glue side by side.


nce the glue dries, wrap the felt around the cup and use a long piece of string to secure the sticks. We used twine and it worked wonderfully.


You can use the jar to hold many things on the Thanksgiving table. It could be for a candle, river rocks, notes of thankfulness, jam, etc.–whatever reflects your family and would go well with your table! 

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