Terra Cotta Winter Village

It takes a village to accomplish a lot of the things…especially during the holidays, it seems.

With a few little terra cotta pots and some simple art supplies, we built a village of our own–a winter village that will help me do all the shopping, bake all my cookies, and wrap all my presents…okay, I’m dreaming. But it is a very cute village nonetheless–and my kids and I had so much fun adding the little details on and turning our house into a warm and festive winter scene.


I had been collecting these little terra cotta pots for awhile now. I wasn’t sure what for, but I knew they would come in handy for some crafty project one day. And today was that day. Since I’m not the biggest fan of gingerbread houses (or feeding my children mounds of sugar), this was a great alternative for us. I always wished I could decorate a gingerbread house without my kids eating half of it.

We used the mini pots found at the craft store and glued some of the dishes to the upside down pots. Pipe cleaner twist made the perfect candy canes and felt squares for doors. Emma loved to scavenge through the art drawers and find just the right size doorknob bead.

We covered little Styrofoam cones in felt to become little Christmas trees. They are just the most darling little trees.

Some batting was perfect for snow on top of the houses. (Cotton balls would work, too.) 

Oh, and we were so lucky to find some penguin stickers hidden away. How cute are they? After we spent a lot of time putting together our little village, we sat and enjoyed it. My five-year-old: “This is the most beautiful Christmas village ever!”

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