Sticks + Yarn = Nature Star


Nature walks are so important to my family; we try to go for a walk every day, rain or shine. We usually bring baskets and collect many fun nature findings to save, give away or create with. On this winter day, we created a beautiful star with our sticks. It is something we will keep for years to come, and I love that it is a memory of our walks together and art-filled afternoons.


Once you have collected your sticks, your child can place them in the form they would like. We experimented with different ways to make a star and it was fun to figure out the best way to lay the sticks together.


Once we settled on a form, I started wrapping the yarn around the sticks wherever the sticks crossed each other. Once I started the yarn, I then passed the sticks to my five-year-old to finish wrapped. Then we would tie the yarn off. 


When our forms were done, Emma decided they needed glitter, of course!


Emma painted the stars with Mod-Podge (a glue/water mixture works too), and then she got to work on the glitter.


We moved outside for this messy step, but you can also place the star in a baking sheet while you glitter. We often do that and I can just shake the glitter off outside afterwards.


The star came out perfect. I love the look of the sticks. The star moved around our house through the Christmas season–then we packed it up for many Christmases to come!

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