Spool Christmas Trees

This is a quick post on our spool Christmas Trees we created last week, as I know most people probably have already seen them on our Facebook page.
After painting our empty spools green, I attached them to a cardboard base to make them more stable and  a bit easier to decorate.
J added generous amounts of glue to his….
…..before independently selecting the resources he wanted to add to his tree.
Today he was fascinated with the tape and ribbons.
He was very focused as he ensured the tape had wrapped around his spool, taking it off and repositioning it when he wasn’t happy with it.
The natural curve of the ribbon made it easier for J to attach it to his spool.
He wouldn’t accept any offers of help as he searched for the end of the tape – though quickly took another roll from me, when I found the end on that!
Mummy was very impressed!
Here are some other variations created when I did the same activity at the Childminding Group.
Links to EYFS:
PSED: Self-confidence and Self-esteem
KUW: Designing and Making
PD: Using Equipment and Materials
CD: Exploring Media and Materials

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