Snail Cap


I think we have made over a dozen snail crafts just this year! But, they are just too hard to resist with those cute little antennae and pretty swirl shells! My daughter is a snail lover too and this morning we sat and created yet another snail right from our recycle box. Now that is a “green” snail!

We gathered everything we needed for a few cute snails and then we gathered some more after seeing how adorable they came out!


We used some glue and a piece of yarn to create the swirl shell look to the top of the bottle cap.


Emma wrapped each cap with a pipe cleaner to make antennae. As she did this she explained to me the difference between snail antennae and all other antennae…interesting. I had no idea my five-year old knew so much about antennae!


We used a glue dot to add a pom pom head and a little glue for a snail eye and our snail was complete! We have made several more and they just keep getting cuter!

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