Sensory Playdough – Week 2

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So following on from our last playdough exploration, I added these resources for the children.  This time they had cinnamon and lemon playdough (as before), cinnamon sticks, cardomom seeds, lemon grass, chives, aniseed stars and lemon peel.


I wanted to keep with the sensory feel as the children had enjoyed this aspect last time, but I also wanted to incorporate their interest in cutting.


 There was lots and lots of cutting going on last time!
I struggled to think of something sensory that the children would be able to cut and in the end settled on chives.


 The children started off with the knives, cutting the dough into smaller pieces.


I rolled the playdough into long sausages to make this a bit easier for the children.


Gradually they began to explore the new resources, the orange peel proved popular.


This was the first time I had dried orange peel and it was a bit of an experiment! I tried cutting it into star shapes, but it shrunk more than I was expecting and was also quite time consuming, so the remainder I cut into strips.


 This creation was ‘a lorry’ 🙂


 However, a few difficulties were encounted when it came to adding the wheels!
It seemed important that they were placed underneath the playdough lorry, however picking up a playdough lorry to position them is not easy!


Another playdough / orange peel creation.


Trying hard to get the chives to stand up in the playdough.  These proved a challenge as with most objects the children add to the playdough, it doesn’t matter where you hold them when positioning, but with chives, the children needed to hold them near the base.


The children also discovered that chives could be pulled apart and this occupied little E for quite a while!


R discovered that the aniseed could be used to make star prints in the dough.



Of course the usual interests, such as filling and emptying, were explored.


Our table got pretty messy during exploration.  After the children had finshed I tided up the ‘loose’ parts but left some of their creations to inspire the next round of explorations.

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