Recycled Box Collages


 The  children have been working hard on these box collages for the last few weeks.  They are very keen to explore paint at the moment, but I wanted to offer them a different painting experience, so I thought we could try painting on 3D objects – recycles boxes!

As we started painting our boxes, Kierna over Learning for Life shared an idea for creating collages using painted boxes as a base.  Well this fitted in just nicely as my little ones just love gluing too:-)


So I set up an assortment of boxes and paint.  I only provided 4 colours as a few of the children are working on their colour recognition at the moment and I wanted to work this into the activity without swamping them with a huge range of colours to distinguish between.


 The children used the brushes to add paint to the boxes.  This was very much a process activity, so the children were not restricted to working only on one box. 


 They moved freely around the table, adding paint to which ever box took their fancy.  This worked really well.  In the past when I’ve tried to encourage the children to work on only one object, they tend to lose interest in the activity quite quickly, but here, having the freedom to add paint to any box seemed to help them them stay focused and made the activity more appealing.


 Over the course of about a week, the children had the opportunity to return and add further layers of paint.


 They experimented with using the brushes in different ways.


Practised circles and lines.


Explored painting the inside, as well as the outside of the boxes.


 Experimented with painting with their fingers ……….which of course led to….


Explored painting the table cover!!


…hand painting….


…then arm painting….


…and you might have guessed from the previous photo, then face painting!


I could see the children’s interest was going in a slightly different direction so provided card for mark-making with hands!


The following day attention returned to the boxes.


Once they were dry, the children added their choice of collage materials.


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