I’ve seen a lot of great cardboard dollhouses around the web lately, and when a friend’s birthday came up, we decided to create our own version as a gift. This sweet “rainbow” dollhouse was created from a cardboard box, an Artterro “creativity kit,” and some rainbow Christmas lights. Maia had so much fun creating it and so fell in love with the finished product that we are already planning another that she can keep.



Materials & Tools

  • Cardboard box
  • Decorative papers
  • Transparent contact paper
  • Colored tissue paper or film
  • String of mini colored lights
  • Scissors
  • X-acto knife
  • Glue stick
  • Tape

First I created the dollhouse shape out of the cardboard box by cutting off two of the flaps, taping them to the other two, then taping those into a gabled roof (make sense?). Then I cut out a door and a couple of windows with an x-acto knife. Maia immediately requested a second door and another window, which I also added.


The materials Maia used to decorate the dollhouse are from an Artterro creativity kit and also anArtterro art journal kit (she pulled out the decorative papers).

Artterro sells eco art kits, is one of my blog sponsors, and sent us a couple of their products to try out. Maia had a friend over when the package arrived and they both dived in immediately and made interesting collaged pieces inspired by the beautiful materials (printed papers, wool felt shapes, and beads) and the pictures on the instruction brochure. While the instructions and photos showed hand-sewn creations, the girls found it easier to use glue. (By the way, I think these kits would be enjoyed by any age, not just kids!)


After the initial art kit binge, there were still some of the beautiful papers left, so Maia used them to decorate the dollhouse.


She added designs with sharpies around the stained glass windows (which are simply the suncatchers she made the other day taped to the inside of the windows).


We also got out the contact paper and colored tissue paper so she could add another stained glass window to the house. (As you can see in the background, Daphne worked on her own paper and cardboard collage while Maia made the dollhouse.)


Finally, we ran out to the store to pick out some colorful mini Christmas lights to light the house from the inside. Both girls spent a looong time admiring the lighted “rainbow” house that evening. And the dollhouse was a hit with the birthday girl when Maia presented it the next day. (Wouldn’t it be fun to have a village of these cardboard dollhouses, with a string of Christmas lights running through them?)

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