Pipecleaners and Buttons


Learning to thread for little ones can be very tricky.  The whole finding the hole, threading through, swapping hands and then letting go of the buttons often proves very tricky for little ones to grasp.  Not to mention ensuring you are threading from the right end of the string and not the end with the knot in!  So to simplify the whole process we have been starting off with threading onto pipecleaners.


Pipecleaners being stiffer than thread make the threading process slightly easier.  The children can also thread from both ends and the buttons don’t slide easily along the pipecleaners.


The children really persevered with this activity, smiling and recognising their achievement when they successfully threaded a button:-)



 Some progressed to then removing the buttons one by one.

098 (2)

Alongside this activity I provided baskets for filling and emptying to keep little ones, who weren’t quite ready for threading, entertained.

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