Paper Bag Heart Village


Today we made a village–a village of love, that is! It started out with a few paper bags…and became a magical little art project as we cut out little windows and doors on each heart home. Not only did this sweet craft bring us together as a family, but having this sit on our little bookshelf twinkling away has also created a festive feeling in the air, almost like Christmas time. And all it took was a village….


To make this sweet little village ,you will need several small paper bags. You can cut them down to different heights to give the village some depth.


We used all sorts of heart-themed accessories to make this village come together, but they were all very simple. My daughter used stickers and heart punches to add details.


I helped with cutting out the tiny little doors and windows, but an older child could probably manage this step just fine. As we were making our little village, we talked about who might live in a heart village….a heart fairy or gnome…maybe.


Once all of our homes were uniquely decorated, we added a battery-operated tea light to each one and the village really came to life. It felt so special and festive to have this out on our bookshelf. It really inspired us to get into the Valentine’s Day spirit and we saved it to pull out year after year!

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