Music Wall Makeover!

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I’ve got a couple of weeks off at the moment so decided to give our music wall a bit of a makeover.


It has been about a year ago since I created our original wall and it was starting to look very tired.

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 The rotating bottles were starting to look quite disgusting.

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Some parts were holding up better than others.  The buttons were ok and so was the aluminium bottle, I just added a few jems to brighten it up  a bit.

22 (4)

New rotating bottles.  This time filled with conkers, pebbles and coloured tiny stones. I am hoping these might hold up a bit better.

22 (5)

 I added some wooden xylophone pieces,  pole ice cube rack, scrunchy foil (emergency blanket).

22 (6)

The frying pan was also still ok and I added some new elastic bands to our twanging container!

22 (7)

I repaired and replaced the wind chime, kept the banana slicer, replaced the wire rack, added a plastic container for banging and an aluminium olympic coke bottle!

22 (8)

The bamboo wind chimes were still ok….

22 (9)

…and so was the metal tray (this is still removable to save relations with the neighbours!!)

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