Masking Tape Art Project for Kids - Weaving an Artful Rug
When we built the Fort Magic igloo last week, the kids completed it by pimping out the place with some masking tape art.

I promised a post about the tape art carpet “in a couple of days” but between a Spring break road trip and Easter, it didn’t happen as quickly as I thought it would.

But here it is!



  • A large piece of paper (we usedcontractor’s paper from the hardware store, but you can also use butcher paper or easel paper)
  • Colored masking tape
  • Scissors (optional)
  • Washi tape (optional); we used a set ofprinted craft tape from Discount School Supply but any washi tape would work

Masking Tape Art Project for Kids


Basically, I just taped down some brown contractor’s paper to fit the footprint of the igloo (trimming off the excess).

Then I set the tape holder with all the colored masking tape in the middle of the igloo with a pair of scissors and waited for the kids to notice.

Masking Tape Art Project for Kids

Isabella noticed first and started creating a tape design with different colors of the tape.

Masking Tape Art Project for Kids

Masking Tape Art Project for Kids

Maia and Daphne soon joined in… And even I came in and did a little bit. (And realized that the washi tape would be a fun addition so went to grab our selection.)

There are some patterns, but much of the design is random as you can see.

Masking Tape Art Project for Kids

You could do this masking tape art project a bit differently and actually weave the pieces in and out (like a lattice crust on cherry pie) or use them to create a mandala design (especially with a round paper like ours) or make any design at all really.

You could even add paint or drawing elements….

Masking Tape Art Project for Kids

I love the masking tape art rug! It’s a bit like a weaving. And so colorful!

Ours is still on the floor, but if it’s in good shape when we’re ready to take down the igloo, I might hang it on the wall.

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