Marble Rolling Hearts – Part 1

 This week we’ve been experimenting with rolling objects.

 We used heart templates with it being Valentine’s Day and an assortment of objects to experiment with.

 First we selected what object we wanted to use.

 Then used a syringe to add paint to the tin.
(I sneaked in a finger muscle strengthening activity there!)

 And rolled.

 Add a bit more paint (this turned out to be M’s favourite part of the activity!)

 We found it quite tricky to get the marble to roll through the paint.

 M thought two marbles might make it a bit easier.

 Hmmm no, it proved just as tricky getting two marbles to roll through the paint as one.

 So next we tried lots of little marbles.

 Now they got the template covered in no time!   I drew M’s attention to the lines that he had made in the paint by rolling the marbles and asked him if he could get the lines to go from the top to the bottom.

After a bit of thought he worked out how to do it!

 Then we tried the fir cones.

 We found they made a different pattern from the marbles, but M wasn’t overly impressed.

 Trying to make purple!

 As I said earlier in the post, M’s favourite part was adding paint to the tray with the syringe, so it was becoming quite thick in the tray.  So I had the idea that maybe we could try mark-making in the paint.

 We found if we rolled the marbles around we could start our mark-making all over again!

Here are our finished hearts!
Check out part 2 of this post to see what we did with them next.

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