Making Rainbows!

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After we created our Colour Mixing Rainbow, there were lots of paint sample sheets left over, so thought the children might like to make their own rainbows.  I cut the samples sheets up so we ended up with lots of shades of each colour.

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I then needed a rainbow template, so downloaded one from the internet and enlarged it using Publisher.

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I didn’t think the paper rainbow would take the weight of the colour sample sheets so transfered the rainbow onto card.
You could draw one by hand, but I do admit to being a bit of a perfectionist!

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The children then began to create their rainbows.

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They chose their own colours and were very focused on staying within the lines!

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I mixed all the colours together in one pot as I wanted the children to identify the colours and this led to conversations about the different shades.  The rainbow closest is mine! I find the children are more willing to join in an activity if I am doing it and infact look at me very suspiciously if I try to get them to do something that I am not joining in!

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The children decided themselves what colour they wanted each section of their rainbow to be.

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At one point we started to run low on yellows.  So noticing me cutting some more, J was keen to join in this part of the activity as well and set about cutting her own.

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Almost finished!  J’s interest was waining a bit at this point so we made the activity into a race – who could finish first!  Being highly competitive her rainbow was finished in no time!

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After cutting all those little squares it seemed a shame just to throw the rest away, so I added them to our resource wall and the children can use them for gluing or anything else they can think of!

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