Loose Part Storage : Outdoor Book Area


 This is just a quick post to share some of the changes to our outdoor area.

Now that summer seems to finally be on its way, I can start to make some of the changes I have been planning:-)

I’ve wanted to increase our supply of loose parts, as well as making them more accessible to the children.  I’ve been on the look-out for something suitable for a while, then by chance came across these.  They are actually hanging baskets for plants, but slightly smaller than normal, making them just perfect for our loose parts.  At the moment we have them filled with sticks, pebbles, fir cones, tree blocks, white pebbles and some of our small world insects and fairies.


I debated for a while whereabouts to place them in the garden as I didn’t want to restrict their use to one specific area.  I don’t have a huge amount of space and in the end settled for placing them by our small world area.  I’ve attached the baskets loosely with cable ties so they can be un-hooked and moved to different parts of the garden if needed.


I’ve also added the frame from our old swing seat to the small world area – it seemed to good to take up the tip!


We’ve planted bean seeds and hopefully these will cover the frame by the summer, creating a cosy place to play and explore.


I was also keen to add an outdoor book area.  I’ve been debating since last year how to do this.  It had to be something that was weatherproof so I didn’t have to drag the books in and out at the end of each day.  Initially I thought of a tent, but was worried about the little ones tripping as they came in and out and also thought it might get a bit hot in the summer.  Then I found these, sun tents meant for the beach.  These are easy to get in and out of and the front flap zips up, so the books can be stored safely inside 🙂  We just need a few more cushions to make it really comfy and cosy!

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