Leaf Glitter


 We found another use for the leaves we have been collecting – leaf glitter!

To do this we needed the leaves to have really dried out, but we were a bit impatient so put them in the oven for a few minutes until they were nice and crispy.041

The children then set to work scrunching them up into tiny pieces.


We had to take out the stems and veins of the leaves as we scrunched.


This was also a good activity to get some scissor practise in as the leaves were really easy to cut.


Almost there!


The children then helped to collect all the pieces into a container.


I’d already cut out some leaf templates for the children to decorate with the leaf glitter.


I added some brown colouring to the glue so the children would easily be able to see where they had applied it.



They then sprinkled the leaf glitter on top of the glue.


Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of the finished leaves 🙁


As this was quite a structured activity, I gave the children the opportunity afterwards to freely explore the resources.  E randomly added glue to her paper.


F created spirals with the glue, sprinkling the leaf glitter over the top….


…and then getting some further practise in with the scissors.


This did turn out to be quite a messy activity, but one which the children really enjoyed as they were involved in virtually the whole process.
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