Independence at Snack time


Back in April, I posted how I was encouraging independence at snack-time (post is here).  I am continually looking for ways to promote independence in addition to the resources and practices that already in place.


Currently we have a water dispenser so the children can pour their own drinks at snacktime.  At other times water is available in lidded beakers.  I found that if I left the dispenser out it was a bit too tempting to play with (children range from 11m to 2 years at present) so at the moment we keep it just for snack times.


As well as promoting independence, this also assists with strengthening and developing muscles in their arms and hands, in addition to developing their understanding that some actions need to be performed in a specific sequence, the cup needs to be put under the dispenser before you push the button!


Normal cups are provided at snack so children get to practise and develop the skill of drinking from a cup without spilling.


Children are also encouraged to help share out the snack….


….select what they would like to eat….




070 (2)

…and spread.


In addition to this I’ve added new resources to further support the development of independence, a washing up bowl and drainer.


The children now pour their left-over drink into a jug…


and then wash up their own cup…


…plate and knife.


Stacking the cleaned resources on the rack.
They actually love doing this!  This week we were slightly rushed and I thought we would skip washing up our own plates for one day, but the children had other ideas, one little girl after finishing her snack said ‘water’, indicating that she wanted the bowl to wash up her plate!
It’s been a bit of trial and error to get it right.  I now set the washing equipment up on another table just as the children are starting to finish their snack and this works well for us.

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