Homemade Resources

I’ve got a break from Uni courses at the moment as my next one doesn’t start until Feb next year, so I’ve kept myself busy making some new resources for the children.  They mainly support colour recognition and small motor skills.


These are my Box Babies, one box for each colour of the rainbox:-)


There are 3 wooden figures for each box and each figure is a different shade of the box colour.


 All babies are fully removable:-)
I painted the wooden figures and boxes with watercolour paint and sealed with Modge Podge (all non-toxic:-))


The idea of these is to extend a simple colour matching activity to develop children’s awareness of shades of colour.

pot people 3
 I created these Pot People before the Box Babies.
I’d seen these wooden pegs and pots from Wee Folk Art but couldn’t find bean pots in the UK, so had to settle for wooden flower pots.

pot people 4

 These are designed as  a simple colour matching activity…..

pot babies 1

… but with both these and the Box Babies, I see the resources as open-ended, so they children are free to use them as they wish.


Since I took the first photos, I coated the Pot People in a layer of Modge Podge just to make them a bit more durable:-)


Here is another colour matching activity using a mug tree and curtain rings.
I also painted these with water colour paint.
I got this idea from a blog called Play Naturally.


To make the colour matching activity a bit more interesting for the children I hid the curtain rings in rice:-)
However, although the children enjoyed this, the curtain rings didn’t fair too well.  The paint chipped so I had to re-paint them and this time added a layer of Modge Podge:-)

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