Here’s yet another way to use the amazing liquid watercolors… Flower and leaf printing. We did this yesterday for art group and it was a big hit with everyone from the 1 1/2 year old to the 10 year old — probably would be for the adults too if they were ever given a turn at the art table. We used blank stamp pads from Discount School Supply (thanks Julie Liddle for the suggestion!) with liquid watercolor “ink” added. They worked perfectly! We didn’t get quite the level of detail that we got leaf printing with the regular black ink stamp pads, but they sure are beautiful and a lot easier for little kids to work with.





Another nice thing about these stamp pads is that they are reusable. As the ink dries out, you just squirt on more liquid watercolor.

I also think you could make your own blank stamp pad fairly easily and quickly with a piece of felt (white will show off the color best) set in a dish or recycled styrofoam tray. A few paper towel sheets might work okay as well. Just add the liquid watercolor of your choice (or even try with other paint).

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