Doilie Fireworks!


Doilie fireworks – these ended up looking pretty good even though the activity didn’t quite go as planned!


I’d seen an idea on the internet where they created firework-like patterns by painting through doilies.
The advice was to get doilies with cut-outs around the centre, so they would look like fireworks.  I managed to source some on the internet, had a quick go myself and they looked quite authentic.  Usually I’m pretty through with my testing, but not this time!2

When the children had a go, things didn’t quite go to plan.  They struggled to paint through the doilies without them moving and also to get quite an even coating of paint.  The best one looked like this….


…but mainly they looked like this!


Quick change of plan and we opted for painting and glittering the doilies and sticking them on our paper.



Lots and lots of glitter of course!




I think they looked pretty good!
I’d brought more expensive doilies and also some cheaper ones from the pound shop for the very little ones.  My advice, stick with the cheaper ones, these worked the best.

Links to EYFS:
Communication and Language – listening and attention
Communication and Language – understanding
Physical Development – moving and handling
Understanding the World – people and communities

This activity also supported the Characteristic of Effective Learning: Active Learning – Keep on trying, persisting with an activity when challenges occur.

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