Diwali Hand Art


 We don’t do that many template activities, but when I saw this one last year on Sarah Dean’s childminding Facebook page, I thought it was a nice simple activity to do with little ones, which would provide the opportunity to talk about different celebrations while they created.

We were looking at Diwali and hand art is often created as part of the celebrations


One difference I made was to use a variety of coloured cards to reflect different skin tones (if I’d been more organised I would have liked to have had a greater range, but had to make do with what was in the cupboard) as I had been reading recently that it is important to draw children’s attention to differences and discuss them, rather than just providing a multi-cultural environment and leaving children to come to their own conclusions.


 I also downloaded some images of hand-art to help the children understand what we were going to have a go at creating.


I provided glitter glue and sequins for the children.


As they created, we talked about how we could create different patterns and shapes with the glue.


For the younger ones, it provided an opportunity for them to strengthen their muscles and develop perseverance as it took a bit of practise to get the glue to come out.


Some of their finished pieces 🙂
Links to EYFS:
Communication and Language – listening and attention
Physical Development – moving and handling
Understanding the World – people and communities
Characteristics of Effective Learning:
Active Learning – keep on trying

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