Creativity Tree

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Well I couldn’t just leave this branch there when we went for a walk in the woods – all those thin branches, perfect for threading and decorating!

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So I put it in a pot and found some resources including paperclips, cut straws, strips of plastic and pipe cleaners and suggested to the children that it looked very plain and maybe they could brighten it up.  Well they didn’t need much persuasion.


We’ve been knotting, threading….


and twisting.


Decorating takes a lot of concentration.


And you need to be able to balance to reach those high branches.


Over the week the children incorporated the activity into their role-play game.  It became their ‘work’, hmmm not sure what that tells me about what they thought of it!

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Our creation so far.
Until we decided to add our salad spinner butterflies!

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Links to EYFS:
CLL: Language for thinking – Where the children talk about what they are doing / plan to do next.
PD: Using Equipment and Materials – Where older children can thread, twist, wrap etc.

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