Comb Painting

This week we have been busy experimenting with the marks we can make with combs.

1 040

I thickened the paint with flour and water and then let the children loose!  (You only need a little bit of each colour paint.  Add the water and then the flour until you get the thickness you require).  At first the children experimented within what they designated as their own areas,  but with encouragement, explored the whole space.

1 043

We experimented with a variety of patterns ………

1 044

1 049

but then the temptation to use our hands became to great to resist.

1 042

The paint did have a lovely feel to it and we found we could draw in the paint. The finished result…….not much to look at but great fun creating and exploring!

1 051

Links to EYFS:
CLL: Writing – where younger children examine the marks they and others make / where older children give meaning to the marks that they make, for example one child told me she had drawn a face.
CLL: Handwriting – where younger children use the combs or their hands to make marks in the paint / where older children show greater control in the use of the combs
PD: Using Equipment and Materials – where younger children enjoy the sensory experience of making marks in the paint or use the combs for the purpose of making marks / where older children show increasing control in their use of the combs and explore the thick paint for example by squeezing and patting.
CD: Exploring Media and Materials – where younger children explore the thick paint with their hands and older children describe the texture / colour of the paint.

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