Colour matching / posting activity

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 Just a quick post to share a resource I made for the children.
They are currently obsessed with posting objects (have to check the bin regularly!!), but I couldn’t find anything that would offer them a challenge, so in the end made my own resource.  I used clear plastic pots with screw lids and melted holes in the top by heating a screwdriver over the hob.  I then used felt pens to colour in ring-binder hole reinforcer stickers and positioned these around the hole, before covering with pva glue.


I’d made the holes just big enough to post matchsticks through.  The tubs provided opportuntities for colour recognition and matching as the children posted the matchsticks through the correct colour holes.


The younger children focused on just posting the matchsticks through the holes.


Of course, as ever, the children are free to use the resources as they wish:-)  This turned into a bit of a balancing

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