Clothespin Grasshopper


Make a grasshopper with this simple clothes pin craft.


I love that this craft needs just a few materials and turns into something so cool and creative! You can use a green marker or green paint. Googly eyes are optional, but add a 3D look. If you don’t have those on hand you can draw the eyes on or use craft foam.


Color or paint the clothes pin green.


Cut the pipe cleaner in half. Clip one half toward the back and one half toward the front. I wrapped the pipe cleaner in the front half around the bottom of the clothes pin before bending it into the shape of legs. The back legs are clipped in tighter, so just clip the pipe cleaner and bend it into the shape of the legs. Glue on googly eyes.


Isn’t this so cute! The kids loved how it turned out. You could even get creative and make different colored bugs with these materials. Hide them in the yard and go on a bug hunt or put them in the sand box for pretend play.

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