Child Activity – Discovery Baskets


This is the first in a series of discovery baskets I will be providing for the younger children in my care. The discovery baskets will be based loosely on Elinor Goldschmied’s Treasure Baskets. I have decided not to refer to them as treasure baskets as I do not feel that my baskets follow Elinor’s principles closely enough to be referred to as such. For example, by basket is the wrong size and has a lid! Also I plan on interacting with the children as they explore and would not prevent other children exploring the resources alongside the younger members of our group. I selected a lidded basket because E is obsessed with opening and shutting lidded boxes, containers, laptops etc. I may change to another baskets later if her interests change.

The first discovery basket has been filled with various fruits and vegetables (there was also an apple at the start of the week).


The idea is that E is free to explore the resources, unrestricted.


Hopefully her explorations will make use all of her senses.


At first the focus of her attention was the lid. She lifted and shut, lifted and shut, over and over.


She then decided she would like to explore the contents, but it took a while for her to coordinate the actions of both hands, opening the lid with one and reaching in for the contents with the other.


Eventually, after persevering she cracked it and retrieved an apple!
Exploring the feel.


Possibly exploring the smell, even if accidentally!


Managing to coordinate her actions and hold a fruit in each hand.


Discovering what she could do with each item. Finding that lemons roll.

Exploring with toes!
E discovered that if she shook her hands before releasing the fruit travelled further.

This in turn encouraged crawling to retrieve the fruit.
Interestingly E never attempted to taste any of the fruit or vegetables!


E was joined in her explorations by the toddlers.
I believe children learn a lot from watching each other play and explore.

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