Butterflies (Hungry Caterpillar)


 We made butterflies today to tie in with the Hungry Caterpillar story that we have been reading ALOT this week!


 We generally tend to focus more on ‘process art’ rather than ‘end product crafts’.  Occasionally we do crafts, but only if the children are able to complete 95% of the process on their own.


These butterflies were super simple even for little ones.


I used watercolour paints (but diluted paint would work just as well) and gave each child a  sheet of kitchen roll.  They were then free to add the colours of their choice to their sheet of towel


J decided to add lines, whilst the younger two focused on dabbing the paint on with the brush.


 I only provided one pot of each colour, which encouraged the children to take turns and share the paint, which they did beautifully!


 Working out that she needed to hold the pot to avoid spills……


 ….but the great thing about this activity is that spills only added to the effect!


 The children worked hard to cover the whole of their sheet.
When they had finished (they weren’t happy with just one and requested additional sheets!) we hung them on the line to dry and later in the afternoon added the pegs.


J being slightly older asked for the pens so she could add more detail to her butterflies.


I think these are very effective for such a simple craft:-)


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