Box Play!


Cardboard boxes, we love them!
I seem to have spent the last few months decorating, consequently with the children’s bedrooms now all decorated, we’ve had quite a few boxes from their new furniture to explore.  We took this one into the garden and I cut a flap in the side so the children could use it as a den.  I also added a pot of pens to encourage mark-making.


I was quite surprised that it was the mark-making that caught the children’s attention.


 One of the benefits of doing this in the garden was that I found I didn’t have to watch the children with the pens quite as closely as normal as there wasn’t really anything they could damage if they suddenly decided to experiment with mark-making on something else!


 Their attention remained on the box however and they added an assortment of marks -lines, circles, dots etc.


All working together on the same resource created the opportunity for interactions between the children as well as sharing and turn-taking with the pens.


Experimenting with mark-making on the sides, as well as the top of the box.


 This little one decided to draw round his hand:-)


 When we went back inside we took our box with us!
At first we played peek-a-boo, hiding in the box and then jumping up!


Some were more comfortable than others with being shut inside the box!


Then I noticed that cars were creeping into play.


So I cut some smaller flaps in the side of the box for the cars to be driven through.


This encouraged the children to play together and share the cars (something that can sometimes we quite difficult for some!)


At times some of us got distracted and forgot we were playing with others:-) At times some of us got distracted and forgot we were playing with others:-)


Resuming play:-)



Our box was still going strong by early evening.


However, it was then taken over by the after schoolies who decided that roads, car parking spaces etc needed to be added.
Links to EYFS:
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C&L: Understanding
PD: Moving and Handling
M: Shape, Space and Measure
EA&D: Exploring and Using Media and Materials

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