Bird Puppets for Races

Make these birds using feathers, disposable cups, paper and glue… then jump, swing, and bounce them down the string to the finish line!


As it happened, our current batch of disposable cups were clear, and not colored. So we painted the insides of them!

We let the paint dry, then we set to work making our birds. First came glue inside the edge, and on went the tail feathers.


We chose drinking straws, cut them into about half, and taped them onto what would be the top of our birds.

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Using that as the measure for the top, we glued a large feather on each side of the birds for wings. Then we cut diamond-shapes from construction paper, and added googly eyes and the beak with glue.


We tied one end of long strings onto a low garden fence, then threaded the other end through the straws on the birds. To keep the string from coming out through the end of the straw, we opted for tying a pony bead to the end of the string.


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