Bath Time!

1 046

J loves the dolls at the moment, so I thought I would extend his interest by providing the resources to bath the dolls.

1 028

Well J didn’t need any encouragement to participate, once the dolls were in the water he was away!

1 032

Cleaning and washing.

1 029

Great hand eye coordination – straight in the eyes!

1 026

We worked on some new skills, trying really hard to operate the soap dispenser.
Now there was one thing bothering me about this activity…it wasn’t very realistic, the dolls were too clean!

1 038

Well that can be sorted:)
I told J that the dolly had been playing in the mud, was very dirty and needed another bath.  He looked at me quite puzzled at first!1 039

But took him off to the bath and cleaned him up:)

1 047

It didn’t take J long to catch on that getting dolly dirty was actually quite fun!

1 044


Now we had something to clean.

1 036

That’s it don’t forget in between the toes.
Poor dollies, they were backwards and forwards between the dirt and the water!


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