Art & Craft activity – Button Tree


First, we went on a scavenger hunt for sticks and twigs. We chose to collect our sticks over a few days because collecting items from nature is so much fun when you have a purpose for them.


Once we were ready to make our button tree, we sorted sticks by size. We talked about “thin,” “thick,” “short,” and “long” sticks.


At first, she added white glue to glue on the branches–but we soon realized we needed some stronger stuff to make the sticks “stick.” So after artfully arranged sticks, she hot glued the sticks into place on some poster board. (Poster board is the perfect backdrop for this project since it can carry the weight of the sticks.)


Once the hot glue had dried, she took over full creative direction for her button “leaves.”


She used a paintbrush to carefully add glue to each button, then placed the button leaves on her tree.


 we would be done with our button tree after the buttons were all glued on. But she quickly grabbed her markers and pens to add some background scenery.


She glued a few buttons not attached to the tree to represent the fall season. The glue dried pretty quickly, and she was excited to hold up her beautiful button tree creation!

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