5 Little Speckled Frogs Felt Set


I’m hearing lots of reciting of numbers from my little ones at the moment, so made this felt set to accompany our singing of 5 Little Speckled Frogs.  The main idea for this activity is to encourage 1 to 1 correspondence when counting (pointing to each frog in turn as they say a number), as well as practising reciting numbers in sequence.  Although I’ve added the numbers 1 to 5, I don’t really want to focus on these too much with the children at the moment.  I prefer that they gain an understanding of the ways numbers can be used before focusing too much on symbolic representations of numbers.


I found a frog image on this site , copied it into publisher, cropped as I just wanted one frog template not a page full, and adjusted the size.  My frog template is here  Frog Template, there are 3 sizes, I used the middle on.


I then used the template to cut out the frogs from felt. A normal biro worked fine.


I wanted to use two pieces of felt for each frog to make them a bit sturdier (and childproof!) but am rubbish at sewing.  So I cheated and used hemming web (I think that’s what its called, the stuff you iron on instead of sewing!) I picked it up in Wilkinson if you’re from the UK.


In my trial run, I cut out 2 frog templates and then ironed them together. but this was quite time consuming and it was difficult to get the frogs exactly the same.  I found it was easier to do it as above and then cut out the second frog once I had ironed the two together (if that makes sense!)  Like below 🙂


Once I had attached the frogs to another piece of felt, I then cut them out.


I then added wiggly eyes and detail with a black fine liner, copying the original template. (it’s difficult to draw lines on the felt and easier if you dot the lines on).


Finished frogs 🙂


I  cut a log (adding a bit of detail with the fineliner) and a pool from brown and blue felt


So I had er, 7 little frogs for the 5 Little Speckled Frog song.  Why, well the extra 2 are spares should any little frog get sucked, chewed or ‘accidentally’ dismembered!


I picked up a set of wooden numbers, you know the ones you usually find in the craft section, that I’ve never worked out what you are supposed to use them for.  Anyway I painted mine with normal kids paint and added a layer of Modge Podge to make them a bit more durable (pva glue would work just as well) and a small square of adhesive Velcro on the back. And that’s it – really easy 🙂
The large frog at the bottom was my trial run.  It realised as I was finishing him, that I wasn’t going to fit 5 frogs of that size on the board.
So what did the children think of it?009 (1)

Well we sang the song first using the resources.

012 (1)

Then I let the children explore.



Practising counting and one to one correspondence.


Think I might try 5 Little Ducks next 🙂

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