We had a go at making moon sand this week. (I’ve added the recipe to the Recipe Page).  Even though I found it quite fascinating to watch, the children weren’t overly interested.  As they created a role-play icecream van scenario (probably inspired by the tuneful sounds from the road) with jenga blocks for icecream, it struck me that the moon sand could enhance their play as ‘icecream’.  I found an empty container, icecream cones and a spoon, modelled how to make icecreams and left the children to play.  The enhancements encouraged turn-taking and working cooperatively as everybody wanted to be the ‘icecream seller’ but equally the game wouldn’t work without ‘customers’.  It also supported small motor skills as it required the moon sand to be placed carefully on the cone to make it balance and to prevent the cone from breaking.

Of course there were those that couldn’t resist eating the cones, but were sensible enough not to eat those that had been filled with sand!

Links to EYFS:
CD: Developing Imagination and Imaginative Play – where children are using the available resources to support their role-play
CLL: Language for Communication – where children interact with each other during their play, taking turns in conversation.
CLL: Language for Thinking – where children use language to pretend.
PSRN: Numbers as Labels and for Counting – If children use number language in their play, for example, asking for two icecreams
KUW: Communities – where children are involved in role-play / where the role play highlights their interest in occupations.
PSED: Making Relationships – where children form friendships with others during their play and show an awareness of the needs of others during their play for example, taking turns with roles or negotiating a storyline.

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